Dorcas Tailoring Institute


 –  Red Hills, Chennai – 52.

Remote area women’s human rights are violated.They do not have an understanding of what is the right, what is the violation, and how to prevent the violence. Also there is no place and organziations for women to go to. Therefore, it requires to deliver service to prevent and protect women in remote areas. It should be noted that alcoholism, poverty, and education levels are also contributing factors to it.

 Why should IVCMF Intervene?

  • Women are more sensitive and more affected as there is no firm system on family matters.
  • The cultural values and practices that male dominance over women is serving more than adopted legislation.
  • Women are sexually harassed and many young unwedded mothers go to the point of committing suicide.
  • When women become addicts of alcohol, the family gets shattered inevitably.

What IVCMF Does ?

This project is to develop strategies to combat the deprivation of social privileges to the women in extreme poverty, conflict situation, marital violence, domestic violence and who are displaced from employment, deserted, indulged in prostitution, single and unwedded mothers.

IVCM Foundation will try to reach the above mentioned victims of social evils and try to reconstruct their lives without the marks of their past, through its Dorcas Tailoring Institute.


  • Creating awareness and needed support of the Legal judicial system which is made more responsive and gender sensitive to women’s needs.
  • Counselling the young women in conflict situation.
  • Giving vocational training at the Centre to be self reliant.
  • Building their character and moral integrity by giving training, confidence and orientation at the centre.
  • Making them self reliant by teaching Tailoring, Puppet & Doll making.


Mostly in these areas the addiction of alcohol is prevalent among women who are involved with fish business. They get a lot of profit and so they enjoy it by drinking. They are now encouraged to quit alcohol and we foresee a big change in them.


IVCM foundation runs Dorcas Tailoring Institute at 42,Thiruvika Street , Redhills ,Chennai – 52 as a part of reaching the addicted and affected women in that area. We have a variety of courses offered for the livelihood of the women living in this area. People from the neighbouring villages also have the privilege of undergoing these tailoring courses.

Puppet & Doll making course is also available for those who have flair for it.            

Courses Offered

★ Cutting & Tailoring – Preliminary ( 6 months )

★ Cutting & Tailoring – Advanced ( 6 months )

★ Embroidery Classes ( 6 months )

★ Stuffed Doll Making ( 2 months )

On the completion of these courses, the students get certificates with which they are able to make their own business or get employment in Garment Export companies.