De-addiction Clinics


IVCM Foundation has felt the need for starting the De-addiction drop-in Clinics in the slums of Chennai and the villages of TamilNadu. It has launched such Clinics in five places and studying the outcome of it.

What IVCMF does?

  • IVCMF helps many young and old not to go into health issues like Gastritis, Peptic Ulcer, Fatty liver, Cirrhosis, hyper tension, psychiatric problems etc.
  • Helps people who want to recover from alcoholism, not to slip and enter into ‘Relapse’
  • Tries to prevent addiction leading into disharmony in the family, split in relationship and trust.


  • Relieve the patients from the problems they suffer physically.
  • Give all help to avoid relapse and strengthen them to stay away from the first drink.
  • Help them to handle ‘stress’ during abstinence
  • Rebuilding relationships with the family and the other fellow being.

Steps Taken for Recovery

  • Medical care to the patients who are physically affected with illness such as Gastritis, peptic ulcer, Fatty liver, high B.P, depression, psychiatric problems.
  • Help them to identify the Relapse Indicators such as Memory problem, numbers, Inability to think clearly, Physical non coordination etc
  • Make them realize the seriousness of taking large doses of alcohol, which may stage by stage lead to death.
  • Visit the victims in the De-addiction centres and interacting with them.

5) Conduct Seminar at the Head office for the interested participants on ‘De-addiction’ by   non-medication method.

6) Counsel the patients in the villages and advise them to lift themselves up by developing strong willpower, meditation, prayer and setting up ‘Life Groups’

7) Recommending needy cases to the Residential centres.